Mr and Mrs White

Getting to interview my favourite brands was always something I had wanted to do on here on the Wholehearted Studio blog, but just never had the time to do. In my bid to help more people, it has been a task that I have had to make a priority. But what I didn’t factor in, was the payback of the wonderful insight I would gain from reading everyones answers. And today’s interview is no exception.

I have been a fan of this brand since they started in 2011. I love their photographic style and how they visually portray themselves on line. They are known for their signature, clean and minimalist style and are instantly recognisable to those that follow them. Today we interview none other than Mr and Mrs White, about how they found their calling to the furniture and homewares industry, how they juggle everything and what they believe being wholehearted is all about.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Nathan and Sasha White – husband and wife team who run a furniture and home accessories business in Sydney Australia called Mr and Mrs White. We have two beautiful girls, Selah (5) and Oak (2) as well as one on the way (due the end of June).

When did you start doing your business- and what made you follow your dream?

The business started around the same time as the birth of our first daughter, Selah, in 2011. The dream, however, was ignited a few years before that. We were married fairly young (21 and 23) and we were both still studying and figuring out what the future held for us. Nathan’s (Mr White) eye for detail and his love for timber led him to the study of boat building where he completed a four year shipwright apprenticeship. Meanwhile, I (Mrs White) studied at uni and completed a degree in design majoring in Graphic design. Life was busy yet something was missing. After uni I found myself meddling with a sewing machine and Nathan gave up boats for furniture and suddenly, everything seemed a little clearer. The smell of timber, the touch of linen, that giddy feeling from seeing a concept sketch become something tangible – something we can sit on, eat on, organise and store things and most importantly – something that gathers people – yes – this is what we were meant to do… together.

What do you love most about what you do and why?

We simply love creating. We feel very blessed to be able to run a business together as well as having our kids be involved in the journey. We have a big vision for the future and we love working towards those goals together with the amazing staff (who are like family to us) alongside us, believing in our vision as much as we do.

What is a typical day for you? Run us through morning, middle and afternoons of your day!

Nath is normally out the door and on his way to a morning training session before I am even conscious. After his training he heads straight into the office/factory/showroom. Mornings for me are busy getting kids dressed, fed and ready for school. I drop my daughter Selah off to school and then I generally head into the office with our youngest daughter (Oak). A day in the office varies for both us from week to week. Sometimes we are meeting with clients, shooting new products, designing new products or simply doing admin and emails. Oak keeps herself busy playing shop in our showroom and entertaining our staff with her funny, quirky personality. I race off around 2:30ish to do school pick ups and then afternoons are spent doing home stuff and hanging with our girls.

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

Getting this far! Ha! There have been a few career highlights but to be honest, we are proudest of how far we have come and simply being able to do what we love full time is such an honour.

What does being wholehearted mean to you?

Being wholehearted means giving it our all, always being true to who we are, honest and sincere in all that we do – working hard and staying humble!