Dreaming up the imagery for a brand is so fun…

That is until you start looking around at everyone else’s amazing photos and find yourself wishing yours were cooler than they are! At the same time your to-do list is growing and you don’t know where to start because you feel like you are stuck in a rut.


Sound familiar? Then read on!

Brand Imagery Makeover Ebook


If you’ve ever looked at your website, Instagram or other social media and and suddenly realised the brand imagery story you are seeing isn’t actually one you want to be telling [i.e. dated, boring, or just not in the style you want to be in] then this e-book is for you! 


We are going to embark on a 5 week step by step interactive e-book that is going to shake things up for your brand’s imagery!


Hayley Jenkin is the Founder, Creative Director and Photographic Stylist at Wholehearted Studio. In this e-book she will teach you everything she knows about styling your brand imagery from the ground up, so that you look your best and stand out from the crowd.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you look at other BRANDS PHOTOS and find yourself comparing yours to THEIRS?


Wish you could pinpoint your style and show that in your photos?

Have photos for your brand but they are dated and need a refresh?

Feel like you are stuck in a rut with your social media but want to get out?

Want to unlock your inner stylist and make time to be creative?

Want to be inspired to makeover your imagery, and have fun while you are doing it?


Hayley_content shoot_050

Learn everything you need to makeover your brands imagery.

Learn at your own pace

Each week over 5 modules you’ll learn how to put in place the key practices to makeover your brands imagery. The great thing about this e-book is you get access instantly so you can throw yourself in, or you can stretch it out and move through it at your own pace. Hayley has literally covered everything that she keeps in mind when she is styling shoots for brands. You even get to restyle your office, so it is Instaworthy of some behind the scenes photos!  



Our e-book has been designed so it is full of imagery inspiration to help you when you are planning your photos. You’ll get to spend time being creative and dreaming up new imagery styles for your brand and you’ll get our complimentary bonus ‘DIY Phone Photography Tips’. In no time you'll be taking your own photos for Instagram, using only your phone and some basic computer skills, and the result will have you feeling like a total pro!


Join a likeminded Facebook community

To help you move through the e-book, we've created a Facebook group exclusively for enrolees. You’ll be invited to join our Facebook group, where you'll be supported through your interactive parts of your e-book by having access to Hayley personally and new image-loving friends to share your photos, challenges, and new brand styling with! When you’re filled with inspiration and passion and ready to create a new look for your brands imagery and a new you… then you are set up for success!

What's included?

Interactive E-book with 5 weeks of modules

Built-in workbook of journaling exercises

Access to our exclusive Facebook group

Complimentary DIY phone photography tips

Practical Instagram Challenges



As soon as I saw that Hayley from Wholehearted Studio had released an e-book titled Brand Imagery Makeover, I knew I HAD to get it!

I was lacking in the styling and photography department and had complete lack of confidence in myself, I doubted that my products were good enough, and hated being in front of the camera because of this. My lack of confidence was crippling me and I was wanting to give up.

Through doing this e-book, I've not only found a new brand direction and advice on how to plan and execute a good shoot, but it has given me inspiration and the courage to love what I create and own it, to be unashamedly proud of where I've come and what I do. I can already see growth in myself and my business!



Course Modules


Audit And Plan To Elevate!

This is where we dig deep and work out what you are portraying now. We analyse your current photos and look at what you are good at so we can plan to show that in your styling and photography.


Styling and Photography Planner

This is where we start to think about what you want your brand to look like visually in your photos. This is a really important step because this is where we work out who you are, what your shots should be and what your style is.


Style Your Workspace

In this module we style up your work desk so that you can show behind the scenes photos you are proud of, helping you feel more confident in showing behind-the-scenes, and sell yourself to your followers.


Create A Killer Profile Photo

This is where we really start to put a face to the brand. When people land on your page or website, the first thing they will do is look for who owns the website or account. The more connected they feel the more likely they will hang around... and eventually buy from you.


Shoot Week

This is where all the hard work planning gets put into action. Either by taking your own DIY photos or organising a photographer to shoot it for you, this is where you start creating your new-look photos.

Brand Imagery Makeover Ebook

Ready to makeover your brand's imagery?

Lets make you stand out from the crowd!


Get in early!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start?
Access the e-book immediately after purchase and is self-paced with 5 modules in total. It is an interactive e-book that comes with a built in workbook activities so you can print out, use it as a a guide to journal in your own notebook or use a computer to make your notes.

How is the e-book delivered?
The e-book is delivered through an instant download so you can get started whenever you are ready!

Is the e-book available worldwide?
Yes! You can access this anywhere in the world.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of this e-book there will be no refunds.

How long will I have access to the e-book?

Once you have it to use you can refer back to it whenever you need.