How To Style Your Home Office

Initiative, focus, and procrastination efficiency are words that I think of when working hard in the home office. It’s hard work staying on task. And if you are visual like me, being in an ugly space is not going to be helping productivity. It’s important to be able to style your office in a way that it is a happy place for you to be in and encourages you to actually work!  So today I am sharing my hot tips for creating a inspiring and styled home office.

Tip 1: Remove all clutter.

Go through your desk, drawers, filing cabinet and cupboards and cull all the old stuff that you don’t need or know you don’t use. I do this pretty regularly with all the extra props I acquire in all my projects.But if you are someone who is worried that as soon as you turf it you will need it, just store it in a tub and pop it in your garage or shed. If you haven’t needed it in the coming 6 months, then it probably means it’s safe to say goodbye to it.

Tip 2: Make sure you havethe right amount of light

Having some natural light is very important to having an energising office space. I’m still yet to meet someone that likes working from a cramped, small, dark room.  But if you have no other option and your homeoffice is in fact a dark, small room, invest in some nice desk lamps or pendant lighting as a compromise.

Tip 3: Add greenery or flowers

Greenery and fresh flowers is another great option for your office space styling as it brings the outside in. Fresh flowers are always a luxury item that will have you itching to be at your desk. I’m a fan of fresh flowers from my local florist, but if you are on a budget, hit the garden and see what you can create yourself!

Tip 4: Set up an inspiration board

I absolutely LOVE inspiration boards. I believe that it is important to see your goals daily if you can, so that it encourages you to keep accountable to them. They give you inspiration, which is exactly what you need when working in your office. For me personally, I love how it reminds me of the type of people I want to be helping and the dreams I have for my little boy and I.

Tip 5: Decorate like a stylist

The last tip to style your office successfully is to make use of some simple decorative items. You don’t want to go crazy with them as they could end up replacing the clutter you removed in tip 1 (doh!), but you also don’t want a completely bare room within nothing to inspire you. So choose carefully, surround yourself with what you love and be inspired by what you surround yourself with! I love hitting Kikki K for office accessories that are functional but still a great design. 

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