Life On The Road With Frontier Tribe

People that pack up everything and travel the globe have always inspired me. When I think of wholehearted people, I always picture those nomad types that don’t get too caught up in materialism and travel to where the wind blows them. And when they do it while having a job and children in tow they have me in more awe of them!

Josh and Kerrie-Anne Bennett live their life like this and now run Frontier Tribe sharing all their travel tips and destination finds with their followers. They hit the road in their custom fitted out van [decked out with Pony Rider cushions and all] and make new memories as a family.


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kerrie-Anne Bennett and I am one third of Frontier Tribe [with my husband Josh and our son Zion River, 2yrs]. We share our van life and home life and create travel guides for families. I’m a photographer and graphic designer by trade so I’m always holding a camera and playing around with a new design.

What is a typical day for you?

It totally depends on the day! I’m totally not a routine person, so each day looks different for us. If we’re in the van, Zion will wake us up and go straight and open the curtain to see where we are – he’s always so amazed and excited, especially if there’s a garbage truck. Haha! We generally take the mornings pretty slowly and lay in the van and read to Zion or have tickle fights. Then Josh and I will each have a little time to ourselves – Josh might go for a swim and then he’ll come back and play with Zion while I go do some stretching. We’ll have breakfast and plan what we want to do for the day. Since Zion sleeps in the middle of the day, we’ll do our exploring in the mornings and afternoons.

When we’re at home and Josh is working, Josh gets up nice and early and goes for a surf, run or swim. And then when he comes home, Zion and I will be awake and we all ride to the beach together. I’ll have some time stretching and we’ll make our way home for breakfast, ready to start the day. I’m blessed to be able to spend each day with Zion and we go on fun adventures, meet up with friends or potter around home in our garden.

What do you love most about what you do and why?

I love helping people and have always wanted a job doing that in some way. The best thing about Frontier is that we’re inspiring people to slow down, spend quality time together and to live their life well. We get to make it easier for them to go away together, by doing the planning and research for them. We get to be a part of helping families connect and look after themselves! 

When did you start Frontier and turn it in to a business?

We started in 2015 creating free quarterly printed journals. We printed 40,000 copies and delivered them down the coast from Noosa down to Byron Bay. It was all bout travel and living an inspired life. After having Zion and continuing working on the Journal, we realised we wanted to make it more of a family thing. We wanted to be more authentic with our life and business. It’s been a natural transition to sharing our family travel life and creating guides as we go along.

How did you get the courage to take the jump and make the leap?

Getting the courage to share our family life has actually been a big challenge for us. We are naturally quite private people, so learning how to share ourselves and our thoughts has been a big learning curve. We’re still learning. I often have to remind myself to be more open. When I share our thoughts, photos, videos or blog posts, I often just think of it like a visual diary and will forget other people are actually going to read and see it. It helps me be more open and real (which I’m still working on). If it makes just one person stop and re-think something or get inspired to create action or change, this is what has driven me and encouraged me to step out.

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

Sharing Zion River with everyone.

What does being wholehearted mean to you?

Being wholehearted to me means living your life truthfully, slowing down and being mindful and present with your loved ones. It means looking after your spiritual, emotional and physical sides. Doing things that are meaningful to you and living an exciting, full, abundant life.