Overcome your fear of being photographed

I recently invested in getting a shoot done at my home of myself for my new website. You may have seen some of them out and about on Instagram and Facebook, that one of my favourite photographers, Josette, took.

During this shoot, I remembered back to when I used to be anxious just at the thought of being in any photos and would do anything to get out of being in them. I really hated it and would always notice the things that I didn’t like about myself. [Anyone relate?]

Being photographed can be extremely intimidating and make you feel vulnerable, however, pushing through and overcoming that fear is a worthwhile cause. Below are some tips that may give you a boost of confidence when its time for you to get out of the background and into the spotlight of the camera.

Number 1. Give yourself some positive talk and remind yourself of the things you love about your body. Maybe you have great straight hair or clear skin. Think of 3 things that you are proud of to do with your appearance, and show them off! If you can’t think of some, text a friend for help.

Number 2. Choose an outfit you feel comfortable in and looks flattering on you. Anything tailored, clean, and wrinkle-free is a great start. If you are a lady and are after a more polished shoot result, invest in getting your makeup done. Remember to use your clothes and makeup to shine the spotlight on your best features.

Number 3. Don’t aim for absolutely perfect photos, sometimes the best shots are the ones you would least expect and often the more natural ones! Have fun, laugh and let the photographer take as many shots as they want to.

Number 4. Spend time in front of the camera, get comfortable with yourself and your photography team. Pick a team that you really trust and love, and that will help your confidence immensely.


So I challenge you, let a photographer take your photo! It is a good habit of self love and will help you on your way to more positive thinking about yourself. Celebrate and be proud of the person that you are [in and out]. If you would love a shoot with a Wholehearted team, contact us to find out more about our styling and photography services so we can help you.