How To Style Your Video Backdrop

Video is fast becoming one of the most popular ways online and on socials to communicate your message to potential clients. It allows not just for movement, but also more of your personality to come across to your audience.

Like anything visual to do with your business, your video or webinar background is yet another area you can stamp with your style. It is another piece of what I call ‘photo real estate’ that you can use to sell your brands style and values to your audience. 

For example, if you have fake flowers in the background on a dated 80’s dresser, you can be sure you are not sending a message of contemporary design in a digital age, but more of a: “I’m at Grandma’s old holiday unit because I don’t have somewhere else to use” kind of message. Sure, this is well and truly a first world problem, but if your business is located in a first world it’s good to be sure your video set is sending the message you want.

So here are some tips to send you on your way! These can even be applied to Snapchat, Skype, Facetime and Instagram Stories for your less rehearsed videos that you may create.

TIP ONE: Prop it up baby!

Put props in the background from brands that will align well with yours. Align yourself with brands and furniture you would love your brand to be connected with and think about people you would like to be tagging in social media afterwards. For a lot of my Instagram stories videos and Skype sessions, I do them in the studio with my props shelf behind me. It helps make the video feel more creative and injects the brands I love into the shot.

TIP TWO: Tie it all together! Use the video set to get across your brands personality and style as much as you can by matching the colours in your backdrop to your branding. For example if your branding has soft blues in it, you can be sure some hits of blue are going to work well in your backdrop. Think too about what style decor would represent you well. Think about the space that is around your head on camera, and what you can do it use it to make an impact visually.

Have some fun with it and plan it out as much as you can. For homework sit at your computer where you Skype and look at what is behind you. Think about how you can make it better.

Having a styled backdrop and knowing you are putting your best foot forward on camera, will help you feel more confident. If you do need help styling your set, email us to find out about our interior styling service and how we can get your video backdrop looking the part!