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Styling + Photography Service

This service is where creative direction, styling, photography and production all meet! We work out your style and what makes you unique and strategise how to capture that in your styling and photography. Inspiration boards are designed for you to approve, and then the production phase kicks off! We make a start on all the behind-the-scenes preparation by assembling the team, props and fashion and anything else that we need. Then on shoot day we work producing your shoot, styling your photos, creating vignettes, focusing on the details and handling any of that last-minute decision making. Our styling and photography service comes in different packages, so email us to find out more.

Creative Consults

Book in for a consult with creative director and founder Hayley. Hayley will spend time with you, first listening to your project and dreams, and then strategising and brainstorming the vision and ideas for your styling and photography.  This allows us to be thorough with what you need and plan all your styling and photography. She will be an open book and tell you what she really thinks. A customised plan complete with all our agreed creative direction and styling ideas is developed from the session and will be prepared by Hayley and sent to your inbox. Consultation topics are: brand photo shoot styling and photography and social media visual identity.


Social Media Makeovers

This service is perfect for people who want to take their hands off their socials. We approach it from a styling perspective, so that your brand looks its best and showcases your photos in their best light, with the aim to strengthen your brands visual identity. We get it all organised, submitted to you for approval and booked in so you don't have to worry about it. To find out more about how we can makeover your socials, and help you look your best, email us to get in touch.

Interior Styling

If you are preparing your home for a shoot or sale, we can help. Using our unique interior styling approach, we style homes in preparation for shoots in the same way that we get homes ready for the big interior magazines. We cull and restyle what you already own, add in extra decorative pieces to complete the styling of your home and set it all up for you. We also style video sets for brands, ensuring our clients look their best on camera.

Shoot Styling Only

This is perfect for people who already have a photographer or shoot team assembled but you would still like one of our stylists there on the day to make sure your photos are picture perfect.  We will join your team and keep your shoot moving smoothly, saving time for the photographer by having each shot ready for them in advance. We love joining other creatives and are passionate about photographic styling.  


Speaking and Workshops

Last year Hayley was invited to speak at a Women’s conference alongside the founders of The Beach People and Beau Hudson. Sharing about how she started Wholehearted Studio, her story resonated with many on the night. Met with a line of people wanting to meet her afterwards, Hayley well and truly caught the bug for helping people on a larger scale.

With a Bachelor of Education and 10+ years background in teaching, she loves sharing her knowledge in a practical way that her audience can then apply. She is available to speak about her own transformational 'Before & After' story and overcoming comparisons; as well as her professional industry topics of styling and photography, picture perfect interiors and social media visual identity. To hire Hayley to speak at your event, email us to find out more.

Partner with Hayley

Hayley loves being the bearer of good news, and if she has worked on a shoot and loves the product or brand, you can bet she will share it with others. She especially loves showcasing other brands when their approach to life and business is a wholehearted one. So when her Instagram following and blog readership started to organically grow, it became a match made in heaven. To find out more about being featured on the Wholehearted Studio Instagram or blog, contact us for more information.



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