Product Styling

Styling + Photography Service

This is for all the bells and whistles! This service is for full strategy, creative direction, styling, photography, makeup artists, models, props, fashion selections and anything else you may need. Next we make a start on all the behind-the-scenes preparation of inspiration boards, call sheets, coordinating and creating to bring the new style to your brand or interior. Then with the photographer and the rest of our team that we recruit, we work styling your photos, suggesting vignettes, focusing on the details and handling any of that last-minute decision making.

Creative Consult

Book in for a consult with creative director and founder Hayley. Hayley will spend time with you, first listening to your project and dreams, and then strategising and brainstorming her vision and ideas for your project. She will be an open book and tell you what she really thinks! A personalised pdf is developed from the session and will be sent straight to your inbox. Consultation topics are: Visual Identity, Photo Shoot Creative Direction, Interior Appraisals and Social Media Makeovers.

Interiors Styling

Inspiration Board

After the initial consult, if you would like to proceed with support from Wholehearted Studio, but aren't able to use their team, you can still purchase one of our inspiration boards. We will put one of our full creative direction and styling boards together for you, so that you can use it to guide your shoots wherever you are!

Interior Styling

We style homes in preparation for their interior shoots and hiring us is a sure way to get your home photo ready. We will come up with a list of what you need to complete the styling of your home and set it all up for you on or before shoot day. We also style video sets for brands, ensuring our clients look their best on camera.

Styling Shopping Service

Need some new hero pieces for your photo shoot? Whether your shoot is for a brand or interior, you can book in with us to source your fashion or homewares pieces for you. Ideally this is done best in person with you, or if your are time poor, interstate or internationally based, we can source clothing or homewares for you.


Speaking and Workshops

Last year Hayley was invited to speak at a Women’s conference alongside The Beach People and Beau Hudson. Sharing about how she started Wholehearted Studio, her story resonated with many on the night. Faced with a line of people wanting to meet her afterwards, Hayley well and truly caught the bug for helping people on a larger scale. She is available to speak about her own Wholehearted story or her professional industry topics of styling for interiors and brands, visual identity through imagery and social media styling.

Request a Blog Media Kit

The Wholehearted Studio blog is becoming a go-to for tips and tricks for all things styling, photography and visual identity, as well as for inspirational stories of brands and their owners living Wholeheartedly. If you would like to be featured on the blog and our social media channels email us for our media kit. We love promoting wholehearted brands and interiors.

Book the Studio

Our studio is available for hire. With white floor boards, and gorgeous dappled glass windows around 3 walls, this compact 4x4 meter room has a light beyond perfection that will get any photographer frothing at the mouth. Set up within Hayley’s 1930’s unique Queenslander, Oxleigh House, you can book the studio or the entire home for your shoot.

Let's Work Together

Let us help you develop your style.