Two Ways To Help Get Your Photos Seen

I don’t know about you, if someone offered to gift me another 1000 followers on my Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, I wouldn’t be saving no. Getting followers can be extremely hard, especially if you don’t know how to yet. Although it sounds like a narcissistic grab for numbers, if you are someone on a mission to help people, the thought of reaching more people is just so exciting. There is nothing worse than putting all this effort into a photo and post to only have 4 people see it and hear the sound of social media crickets chirping in the background. 

But there are ways you can grow your social media following and have your photos be seen without having to win a followers lottery. And it all has to do with your photos and what you are doing with them.

Having good quality photos that project your style and look, will be the thing that makes you stand out and attract people. It will make people want to follow along and watch you grow over time. For someone that hasn’t loved posting photos of myself, it has been frustrating to see that it is photos of me that brings the most engagement and followers. People love knowing who the face is behind a social media account! And so that is a great way to build your following.

Secondly, using those photos to then help people is the key. You need to give them something. Think in every photo you post, what are you giving to your audience? What are you helping them with when you post your photo? On my Instagram I have a variety of themes I post on, but my usual rule is that every photo has to inspire people. Either in style ideas, helpful tips, photography inspiration, amazing people and brands I have worked with, booking us or even tips on living wholeheartedly.

These for me are the two main ways I have built my following. Mine has been a slow burn, but the great thing about that is they are all genuine people who are highly engaged and [hopefully!] enjoying the ride. Although they [possibly you are one of them!] are a smaller community compared to other larger accounts that boast of 100,000+ followers, the Wholehearted Studio tribe are extremely loyal and highly engaged.

If you don’t follow along already, come and join the party and see what we get up to over on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. And if you need help with your imagery and want to stand out from the crowd, contact us to find out more about how we can help you.