Why I Love West Elm

You might have caught on to my undying affection for West Elm as evidenced throughout my Instagram feed, or maybe you’ve seen them scattered all over your own news feeds. But if you still haven’t the faintest of who or what West Elm is then it’s my pleasure to introduce you.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, modern furniture collectors West Elm now boast a 65-strong army of retail stores around the globe, including one that is [thankfully] close-ish to home in Brisbane. Their vision – to stock unique products that help customers personify their own sacred space, their home.

Similarities can be drawn between my reaction of awe from being in a West Elm store and that of when Oprah first gave away a car on one of her Favourite Things Episodes.  I first found them years ago when I was researching for an interiors project that required a navy lounge. Basically, Google led me to them that fine day and I have continued my monthly pilgrimages ever since.

Although I could happily spend an afternoon perusing the entire store [and frequently do] I find myself drawn towards their Mid Century furniture most of all. Because we all need a little retro inspiration in our homes, right? And although I am a fan of authentic pieces, sometimes you just want to get your hands on something easily without the hunt.

One of my favourite things at the moment are the desks at West Elm. And since the trestle table trend I am suddenly finding myself in awe of desks with drawers, like this desk the Acorn.

There is so  much beauty in this store, that it can be hard to narrow your search, but head over to their site and get started with a catalogue, or if you need help email me to find out more about our styling and photography services.