Your Creative Start Podcast

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think up what blog post topic I would like to start the year off with, and I can’t think of anything better than my interview with Jaharn Giles from Your Creative Start. It was such an honour to be interviewed by her, and although the podcast went live a few weeks back, I am still getting DM’s on Instagram with beautiful feedback from people who have gotten things out of it.

It is called “The Comparison Trap” and we chat all about my story of turning a hobby into a business, being a creative and a single mum, my miracle 1930’s Queenslander that I am restoring back to life,  knowing what to charge for your products and services, being in a vulnerable state [which I hate!] as a creative, being yourself and not trying to be someone else, using the comparison trap as a self-motivator and tools to combat the comparison trap.

To be honest when I look back at Jaharn’s write up on the podcast and some of the things that I said, I have found myself forgetting it was me that said those things, and got encouragement from it! I was, like, “Wow, truth bomb Hayley! I should write that down!” Haha! My little brothers would be shocked to say the least at some gems of wisdom came out of my mouth. But I’d love to share it with you nonetheless, and if you get something out of it please let me know. I really hope that it encourages some people, and hopefully even makes you laugh.

To eaves drop on our conversation, just follow the link here to the Your Creative Start website: The Comparison Trap.

Here is to an amazing year for you all, full of love, confidence in who you were created to be and chasing your dreams.

Much love,