How to style a coffee table

How hard can styling a coffee table be right? Ok, it’s a whole lot trickier than most people realise. Many of my friends have ended up frustrated after heading to the shops for ‘trinkets’ to decorate a coffee table, only to come home with a bunch of ‘stuff’ that don’t work together or look ‘right’.…

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How To find Your Instagram Style

Have you ever seen those Instagram accounts that you absolutely fall in love with the minute your eyes hit their curated collection of photos? I am constantly in awe of the style that people portray through their Instagram accounts. It is frustrating though when you are envious and don’t know how to do it yourself. So…

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My Top 5 Renovating Tips

If you follow me on Instagram you would have heard about my house and my mission to do it up as a single lady. Throw into the mix that it’s a 90 year old Queenslander and that I have a toddler in tow, I have now realised just how big my mission was [even though…

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The Studio Refresh

Every year I rearrange the studio to give it a refresh. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen sneak peeks of it showing up in stories already. This year though, the challenge was made all the more tougher when I put myself on a tighter budget. I love Instagram, but sometimes the…

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