Dayne Lawrie Constructions

Today I get to introduce to you a couple who I have loved working with over the last year and into this year, Dayne and Nadia from Dayne Lawrie Constructions. From the moment I stepped into one of their homes last year, I became a fan.

Now, keep in mind I am an architecture fan, home lover and perfectionist… so I am a pretty tough crowd to please when it comes to new build homes. But their home did not disappoint. And the more I heard about their brand and their vision to bring beautiful, quality built homes to life on the coast, the more sold I became.

Who are you and what do you do?

Dayne Lawrie and Nadia Thompson, we own and run Dayne Lawrie Constructions (DLC) specialising in architectural and designer homes.

Tell us about your construction company and how you started! What made you follow your dream?

Coming from a carpentry background in South Australia, Dayne has always been detail oriented and innovative with his ideas. Both attributes lent themselves exceptionally well in the world of construction and was one of the critical drivers for us to attain the quality builds that are amongst our portfolio and currently under construction. For me, I have come from a teaching background where transferable skills such as organisation and management skills have come into play enormously on a day to day basis within the company.

What do you love most about what you do and why?

Experiencing the end product!! To achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome for our clients it takes an incredible amount of time and effort. Each and every aspect of the build requires forward thinking to ensure the end result is sustainable yet desirable.

From being in your homes multiple times now, I know the top quality finishes and a job very well done are just a part of the DLC service. What drives you to be that thorough in your work?

Dayne is an absolute perfectionist! During the construction of any home, Dayne is constantly monitoring the progress and striving for a flawless outcome in every aspect imaginable. This trait is an intrinsic motivator that can be sometimes frustrating but mostly rewarding!

You guys have staff and contractors that work for you so I imagine your days are busy! What is a typical day for you and Dayne? Run us through your routine!

Each day varies for the two of us. Some days we can spend solid hours in front of the computer and other days we can be racing anywhere between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane attending meetings with architects and designers and our clients as well as picking up materials from specific suppliers. Some days are spent on site overseeing the intricacies of thebuild whilst others are spent working on the business instead of within it.

Despite the craziness of our week to week tasks we always schedule in time each week to debrief on each area within the business that we are responsible for and steps moving forward. This always provides clarity around where we currently sit and allows space for growth.

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

Winning Best Spec Home of the Year for the State at the HIA awards in late 2017 as well as winning Bathroom of the Year up to $20,000 and Bathroom of the Year overall for the Sunshine Coast. It was such a rewarding experience that took us both by surprise.

What have you found hardest about being a business owner? 

Like any business owner, there are many moving parts that come into play. For us it is staying on top of all those moving parts including the management of construction schedules, cashflow, quoting and just day to day business operations.

What does being wholehearted mean to you?

Doing or believing in something 100%!


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