How To find Your Instagram Style

Have you ever seen those Instagram accounts that you absolutely fall in love with the minute your eyes hit their curated collection of photos?

I am constantly in awe of the style that people portray through their Instagram accounts. It is frustrating though when you are envious and don’t know how to do it yourself. So here are some tips that I am going to give you on how to perfect your Instagram style and how to showcase who you are.

The first place to start with perfecting your Insta account is work out what you are wanting to give your audience. Are you wanting to give them tips? Inspiration? Show off your portfolio? Once you know what it is you are trying to achieve it will help guide you on the rest of your Instagram style.

The second step is to choose your voice. By voice I mean your writing style, and what your captions will be like. It could be playful, sophisticated, authoritative, inspirational or helpful. Everyone loves to know who is behind the account, so I am always a fan of a personal writing voice that shows off who you are.

Number three tip to your perfect Instagram style is to choose your photography style. The photography style is a sure way to make a stamp on your Insta. Think about if you want your photos to be bright and white, or more dark and moody, or somewhere in between. Then stick to it and try to run with that on every photo that you post. That will keep your account more cohesive.

The last tip to perfect your Instagram style is to choose your colours. Think about the colours that represent your brand well and then run with those. If you have a brand like mine and don’t run with one colour theme, at least colour coordinate your posts in seasons. 

For more help with this, check out our downloadable freebies or our 1:1 Consults and I can meet with you in person or online, and help you makeover and style up your Instagram.


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