It is funny how life turns out sometimes. At my workshops I am always preaching about using your photos like a vision board, to attract projects that you love into your life. And when we did a shoot for me earlier this year, I remember saying to the photographer that I wondered what these photos were going to end up being used for. Never in a million years did I think they were going to be my photos I would use to make this announcement.

For those of you who follow along on social media, you would have seen that announcement already and heard that I made finalist for Inside Out Magazine’s Search For A Stylist. Applicants from all across Australia would have applied for this competition. And from that list only 6 contestants nationwide were chosen… and I was one of them. [So exciting!]

One of the photographers had nominated me without me knowing initially and I didn’t really understand what it was for. So when the Inside Out Editor Claire Bradley rang me out of the blue to tell me I had made it in, I was speechless. To be honest I felt like I had won already just getting selected to compete.

In a styling challenge where we selected pieces from West Elm and Pottery Barn, I had to fly to Sydney to the Inside Out Photography Studio’s to style a cover and create a room from scratch. It had it’s challenges with coming from the Sunshine Coast, as I was limited with all the extra props I could take with me and was only going to see the space briefly the day before. But off I went! We had 3 hours to prep and paint backdrops and skirting boards, and then another 3 hours to build the room and style it.

The good news is everyone down there was so fabulous and I had the best time!  I got to meet a whole bunch of people I look up to and was surrounded by such amazing talent. We were in locked studios, and weren’t allowed to look at each others rooms, so I have no idea how I went compared to everyone else. But what I do know is I loved my room and I am proud of it. And I would have happily sat in it with my new Sydney friends and partied and slept there the night had I been allowed to! Haha!

It’s going to be a tough competition though, so I will need your help! Voting opens on the Inside Out website in the last week of April, [which happens to be my birthday week!] and you will be able to jump on the competition train with me and cast your votes! But more importantly, I will be finally able to show you my room. In the mean time… if you head to my Instagram and hit the Inside Out Highlight just under my bio, you’ll be able to see my behind the scenes.

Aside from all of this exciting news, I think we can all learn something from this story today; put your best foot forward in your photos believing that they are going to be used for something good… because you never know where they will take you!