Kim Bexon from Woven Palm

Beautiful handmade shoes are an absolute love of mine and the classic, clean and stunning designs from Woven Palm are a serious favourite. You will honestly fall in love with this small business and the care that goes into their classic, clean and stunning designs.

I loved hearing from its founder, Kim Bexon, on launching her brand, its unexpected growth and balancing life with her loved craft.

Woven Palm

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Kim Bexon and I run my own handmade shoe business, Woven Palm. I also teach Japanese and Indonesian at a State High School.

What is a typical day for you? 

Coffee & toast, a kiss from my husband and a hug from my son, with possibly 10 minutes of LEGO play before heading to school. Picking up Arkie from daycare after work , then either heading to the beach with the dog, or a wave. Then dinner, chats and Woven Palm emails and orders. As I teach 4 days I have to make time after Arkie goes to bed and on the day I have off from school and weekends. Days are busy, but keeping a balance between work and family is imperative.


What do you love most about what you do and why?

I’ve always felt the need to be creative, whether it’s painting, sewing or learning a language, and making slides definitely fills my creative desire. Choosing new leathers and designing new styles and making custom orders is what I really love most. It’s icing on the cake that I love to wear the slides, and knowing that others appreciate a handmade product makes me really stoked.


When did you start doing what you do and turn it in to a business? 

I started making slides in 2014, the year my son was born. I was working with another shoe maker and a year later I began Woven Palm.

How did you get the courage to take the jump and make the leap? 

I don’t feel like I’ve fully made the leap yet, as I’m still teaching. Owning a small business takes a ridiculous amount of time and effort and having a husband who owns his own business also, I feel like we would never see one another if I turned Woven Palm into a full time gig. Plus I love teaching and always have, especially languages.


What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

In 2015 when I created a website and instagram account for Woven Palm, I never expected to land stores like Alterior Motif or For Artists Only, or be featured in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. I’m proud of where Woven Palm began and where is it going, so I don’t really have a ‘proudest achievement’.

Recently you brought out a collaboration with Holly Ryan, how was that process working with another creative? How did it all come about?

Holly and I are great mates and have been wanting to work together for a while now, so it was an amazing process designing the slides together to combine both our styles. It took some some from when we decided to create a collab slide to the finished product, but the wait and effort have definitely been worth while. Holly is such a talented artist and I was so stoked to work with her.


I never realised you did teaching still too, you are amazing! It’s so hard doing two things at once and I so admire you for that. What pointers do you have for people with passion projects who need day jobs?

Woven Palm is hands down a passion job – to hand make a product that takes 4-5 hours to complete is not only time consuming, but very hard to put a price on – especially wholesaling. If it wasn’t for teaching, Woven Palm wouldn’t exist now. I do really enjoy the different aspects of both teaching and making slides, and if anyone thinks that it’s too hard to run a business while working another job, it’s not. It takes effort, that’s for sure, but if you love what you do and can find enjoyment in both, then just make it a reality.

What does being wholehearted mean to you?

If you’re passionate about something, there’s no hesitation to put whatever work needs to go into making it real.

You can visit and follow Woven Palm here:



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