If you haven’t seen it mentioned on my Instagram or Facebook, my styling made it onto Inside Out’s front cover last month!

Getting my work featured on the front cover of Inside Out has always been a dream of mine so it was pretty amazing to get to see it in print and in shops all over Australia. So here it is for you all to see, along with a little snippet of how it all came together!

It was a massive day, including a delivery driver, days of sourcing extra props before, lots of coffees and an assistant helping me with all the unloading and packing, but it was all worth it in the end. I worked to keep the styling within the style that the people that lived there already had, but sourced some extra pieces to get it photo shoot ready.

If you didn’t catch this edition of Inside Out, head to our portfolio page and check the house out for yourself. And in the mean time, if you need to get your home styled and made ready for photos, make sure you hit the contact tab and email us to find out how we can help you.