Meet The Face Of Saya

Most weeks I am hunting down something to use as a prop in a shoot. The bonus is that in my travels, hunting for props has introduced me to some of my most favourite brands… one of which is Saya. At first I was drawn to it because I loved the bottle design, but now after having used it for over a year I have become its number 1 fan! We got to interview the director of Saya and find out all about the organic skincare range and how she started out.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Saya McDermott and I am the Director of Saya Skincare – A Noosa based certified organic skincare company.

Tell us about your brand, how you started and what made you follow your dream?

As a teenager I struggled finding a skincare range that would help with my problem skin – nothing worked! So I started creating my own formulations with lots of research and study. I initially made these products for myself, then my friends and family got on board and now Saya Skincare is proudly stocked throughout Australia and US.

What do you love most about what you do and why?

I love been able to provide products to our customers who have been through the same skincare troubles as I, and having full confidence knowing the results it provides, without using any harsh damaging chemicals.

What is a typical day for you? Run us through your routine?

I start most days by going for a walk through Noosa National Park, followed by a large coffee before heading to the office. My staff and I usually do a quick brief in the morning and before we know it the days almost over!! I either like to go for a surf to finish the day or play tennis with friends (I’m terrible!!)

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

I would have to say when the range turned certified organic in 2016.

What does being wholehearted mean to you?

Creativity and style at its absolute finest!


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