Recently I had the pleasure of styling and producing a shoot for Carly Willoughby-Rolls, otherwise known as Minimalista. Carly is a life coach who helps women design and live the life they love, by removing the clutter so they can live a life full of contentment.

I knew I loved the sounds of her business when I first met with her for her consult, but that admiration has grown the more we have worked together. We had a great time together planning out her shoot and imagery identity, but at Carly’s shoot the weather did not behave itself. On the morning it was fine and then just before her shoot it started bucketing down!

Miraculously, it fined up when we needed to shoot outside later anyways, so it all worked out. But in the mean time, while it had been pouring down, she kept a non-stop positive attitude about it all, and I soon realised that she was the real deal. Straight away I knew that I didn’t want to stop at her shoot and wanted to interview her as well!

So today, I am so proud to introduce you to Carly. Aka: Legend. Positive Mindset Guru. Life Coach. Minimalista.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Carly, a recovering anxious, over-thinking, perfectionist, maximalist turned calm, content, imperfect, minimalist. I live on the perfectly named Sunshine Coast with my husband, two daughters and our Bichon cat-dog, Bonnie. I help busy women design, and live, lives they love.  I do that by empowering them to declutter their thoughts and minds and uncover more content, fulfilling and balanced lives.  I coach women one on one and run inspiring events.

Tell us about your brand and what it is all about! 

Minimalista was born from my own journey from busy, cluttered and overwhelmed to living a life of relative ease and contentment thanks to embracing a minimalist lifestyle and more importantly a minimalist mindset. Minimalista is about sharing my journey and learnings and connecting with, and hopefully inspiring and empowering, likeminded women.  

There’s a growing movement of women turning their backs on the definitions of success and happiness they were given [by their parents / partners / society etc] and searching for their own meaning. And Minimalista is my way of being both part of that movement and of service to women on this path.

What do you love most about what you do and why?

Without a doubt it’s the women I connect with.  It’s still a dream that I get paid to do what I do because I get to meet some super talented, creative and smart women who inspire me to be better and do better.

This is a new business venture for you, what made you have the courage to follow your dream?

To be honest the thing that has contributed the most has been my minimalist mindset – it’s what’s given me the courage, the space and financial freedom to be able to do it.  Becoming minimalist helped remove all the clutter that was stopping me following this dream – and left me with no more excuses to hide behind.

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

Being interviewed for the Wholehearted Blog.  Seriously!  I know that might sound like I’m sucking-up but I’ve followed you for years now Hayley so it is genuinely such an honour. Also I was recently sought-out by a Journalist for an interview for a magazine I read regularly which was a total shock, especially because I haven’t properly launched Minimalista yet.  Seeing that in print will be pretty exciting too.

What have you found hardest about being a business owner? 

Being the face of my brand!  It meant overcoming a myriad of fears such as my fear of being judged, of not being perfect enough and of not fitting into the traditional definition of pretty.  Now you’ll see me [mostly] rocking my short hair like I just don’t care lol.

What does being wholehearted mean to you?

Being wholehearted first means being myself; my real, true, imperfect yet amazing self; and then being myself so unshakeably that I don’t change or cover up or hide any part of myself for anyone / anything / anytime.  Feeling content to genuinely be myself in every situation and with everyone I meet.  That’s being wholehearted to me.

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