We recently had the pleasure of working on a Pottery Barn makeover at the most gorgeous Queenslander home in Brisbane. True to its Ashgrovian style, it possessed beautiful white VJ clad walls, shutters, french doors and even a classic summer storm that briefly halted our day. The home of Botanica Real Food founders, Brett and Alison Hutley, was the perfect base for us to style with. And boy did we love layering away with mountains of  beautiful Pottery Barn products.

Have a look at the before shot below and scroll down for the incredible transformation.



I know, I know, I hear you, it’s not that bad right? Feels kind of like cheating in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ category. But we had a job to do so we removed the leather lounges [the owners are still using them just in another space] and created for us a blank canvas to work with for the day. Alison had previously picked out all the Pottery Barn pieces she loved, and then I worked with her choices plus other decorative items that I brought in, along with personal items of her own to create our after shot.

I think you’ll agree that the after look is a little bit swoon worthy [if we do say so ourselves].



The result was a layered and more refined room, ready for family time, but in a more classic setting. The lounge and coffee table Alison picked out were favourites of mine too and we layered their floor with a new rug from Pottery Barn, and their existing jute rug to cover the small tiles that were underneath, making the room feel a lot more warm and cosy.

Moroccan cushions, brass and leather tray, and leather basket were put to use to style the space too. Fresh plants and flowers were added in to bring life to the room as well. A floor lamp and side table were used for height and interest at the end of the lounge.

It was a fabulous day and required a team of 3 of us for the styling side of things. But there was an even bigger crew to look after flowers, photography, art and everything else we needed for the shoot.

Photography – Mindi Cooke

Home – Brett & Alison from Botanica Real Food

Products – Pottery Barn 

Artwork – Jay Feather Art

Flowers and Flower Print – Kara Hynes

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