I have to say when I first decided to run a workshop, [after being asked, like, a million times by clients to run one] and I had launched it, I was super excited at first and then suddenly felt like I had been kicked in the guts with nerves.

It’s really hard putting on an event that you are unsure people will come to. So much work goes into organising these events and to couple the nervous energy along with my normal workload and Mum-life chores, it had me in a constant state of adrenaline in the lead up to the last one!

But the old quote of, “nothing ventured nothing gained” spurred me on and the response to the workshop was so good. There has been a waiting list for this next one and I am excited to see what this workshop becomes! Thankfully, my nerves have returned to excitement and I can’t wait to bring you all together.

So in case you missed it over on our social media and in our newsletter, our October Styling and Photography Workshop is live! Join us at 5.30pm, on Monday the 30th of October at Raw Sunshine Coast as we go through the principles of styling and photography.

You’ll leave with an appreciation for your iPhone and its secret ability to take gram-tastic imagery that’s on brand and relevant for your audience. It will help you work out your style,  your point of difference and help you stop playing the comparison game as you scroll through your own social media newsfeed. [Can I hear an amen?]

This practical workshop is ideal for business owners, social media managers, creatives, marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Hosted by Raw Sunshine Coast and sponsored by SAYA, Inside Out and The Great State, you’ll be in for a great time!

So go ahead, get booking because seats are selling out fast. I can’t wait to see you all there!