If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen I had a little Christmas party for the Wholehearted Studio team. For a sub-par cook like myself it was a bit of a stretch of my skillset. In the past I have been known to char grill a homemade pizza, so a roast for 12 people WAS HARD. [Metaphorically, not literally thankfully! Haha!]

I had my little one with me while I was trying to set up and cook solo, so styling wise it was pretty simple, but it was such a beautiful night. We were all pretty tired after a big year, but in the company of everyone I realised how thankful I am for my role here.

To be honest, I can’t believe that this year is almost over. It feels like yesterday that I started the year off, kind of quietly actually. I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the year, planning for the year ahead and I had set a lot of goals for myself. It was a pretty epic stretch when I look at them all. There was about 11! I managed to get 10 of them done, and hopefully you guys have enjoyed being on the receiving end of them getting completed.

A brand spanking new website and copy was my mother of all goals to complete, along with hosting a workshop… which I then did 3! My styling made cover of one of my favourite magazines, Inside Out. We also booked our first international client, which has made life next year all the more exciting.

And all of this is so wonderful. But apart from kicking some pretty big goals, this year has been so great because of all the love I feel here from you all in my Wholehearted Studio role. The reason why I do what I do, is because I love helping people look their best.

I love ringing people and telling them their home has made a magazine and us both crying our heads off, while I stood out the front of Haras and Co getting my hair done with foils all in my hair. [That happened yesterday]!

I love getting emails saying, “Holy heck Hayley! You guys have made me look like a super model! I love how I look in my photos!”, when you know that they used to hate being photographed.

I love getting DM’s after a workshop saying, “I loved what you said not worrying about my competition and just being myself, I am going to make this idea of mine happen now!”

I love seeing my clients get so confident that they start showing off their photos to find themselves printed in Collective Hub.

I love ringing all the photographers, creatives and sponsors I get to work with and celebrating with them when this all happens!

This is what has made this year awesome. All of you guys. Thankyou to the teams, clients, sponsors, people who have hosted my workshops, industry friends, social media pals and my friends and family. If I could invite all of you guys around for dinner at my house to say thanks I would!

What’s next year bringing you ask? A whole bunch of awesomeness! More behind the scenes, style posts, helpful tips, shoots, workshops, speaking engagements and a whole bunch of other things that I am going to be working on come January.

In the meantime though, I am holidaying with my little boy and spending some time with him. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a lovely holiday season. See you on the blog in 2018… [I’m calling it early]… our best, most wholehearted year yet!

Much love,