The Find Antiques Shoot Hits Interiors Addict

I am scouting for homes all the time to use for locations, but sometimes, some homes find me. This shoot location was one of those cases. When I walked into it almost a year ago, I knew that one day I would love to do a shoot there, but it was going to have to be for something special. So when I was commissioned to style and produce a shoot for The Find Antiques and we needed a beautiful home in a super fast time frame, I knew the perfect place. #serendipity

I was so excited to work on a shoot with antiques, as I have grown up with antique collectors for parents, so I was really excited about being around them again. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the sheer quality and beauty of these ones. Danielle is passionate about mixing antiques with more modern settings, and assisting interior designers and home owners in finding the perfect pieces for their interiors.

Styling and producing a shoot with antiques is not as easy as we have made it look in the photos. It required me working two plus weeks prior on it, an assistant, two specialist delivery men, and lots of careful carrying of what were priceless, historical pieces. Did I mention it was raining? Needless to say I didn’t really breathe properly the whole day!

But all the hard work is worth it when you see the finished result. And it is even all the more sweeter when you see the photos featured on Australian blog The Interiors Addict! Danielle was interviewed all about how she mixes antiques with modern interiors and her tips on how to do that successfully. If you love antiques or eclectic contemporary style it is a must read interview.

I love helping brands makeover their websites and social media with all new styled and directed photos, so if that sounds like something you’d like help with, hit the contact tab at the top and say hello so I can give you a call or send you out some more information.


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