Why You Need To Be In Your Brand Photos

Last month we loaded up our Instagram and Facebook with mountains of advice on jumping in front of the camera and putting yourself in your brand photos.

The advice was so helpful, we thought we’d better compile the tips [plus a few extras] here, so you can scroll through them all. As well as easily refer back to whenever you feel like sneaking into the background of your business social media feed again.

So here is the Wholehearted Studio guide to ‘Why You Need to Appear in Your Brand Photos’

  • Your Audience Will Thank You for It. When it comes to building trust with your amazing followers and clients, the best way to do this is showing off the face or faces behind the brand. This brings mega ‘personal’ points to the table in an otherwise digital and corporate world of interactions. People will love feeling as though they know you.
  • The Seven Second Rule. This is all about capturing the attention of new curious visitors to your social media pages. Did you know you have only have 7 seconds to either win them over or turn them away. And knowing ‘the face’ behind the brand is one of the easiest ways to build trust and reliability fast, so make sure you feature regularly in that feed [we’re talking on average 1 in every 9 squares on Instagram]. 
  • Costume Change. Line up 3+ complete outfit changes for your shoot  so you can really build up a mass of images to use. Also avoids it looking like you only have one ‘look’ for 6 months when the images feed out. Bonus points for changing up the backdrop or set for each outfit too. 
  • Explain yourself! Steer away from every picture of yourself being a staring-at-the-camera pose. Capture a good selection of images of you ‘working’ too as it works double duty showing what we call ‘the human element’ and visually explaining the work you do. Yes!
  • BYO Wingman/woman. If you are doing a styled shoot for your business the best way to rid your photoshoot of the ‘awkies’ is to bring your fave hype man/wingman/+one to keep you laughing and do you a big favour by fixing those wayward eyebrows, rogue straps and frizzy flyaways. 
  • In Good Company. Include your team and people you regularly work with in your photos as well. People LOVE glimpses into the behind the scenes so make sure you save time for this on exciting days or moments [these are particularly suited the InstaStories and Facebook Live].
  • Call in reinforcements. Assemble your support crew and generally assume you’ll need more help than you think. Shoots go quickly and there’s always a lot of tasks to juggle, so even having a friend assisting honestly can make all the difference to how smoothly the operation goes. It will save you running around getting flustered.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. A lot of people don’t like seeing pictures of themselves, so be kind and remind yourself of how much your followers want to see your face and get to know you more. Chances are they’ll be some of the most valuable, and interacted with, images your feed will ever see.

So take a deep breath, assemble the troops and smile for the camera. We all can’t wait to meet you. To talk to us about having us work on your business shoot for you, email us via the contact tab.

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