One thing that I love doing in my work with Wholehearted Studio, is helping people [ and their business ], look and feel their best. I love coming up with new creative imagery for them, so that they can re-emerge with fresh new style and look.


Photography + Styling: Wholehearted Studio
Client: Wild Heart Weddings
Location: Style Life Home
Mug: Kikki K

What might be perceived as superficial or a luxury to some [ you know… hair and makeup, props, designer brands clothing etc ] actually help give my clients a boost and I see the businesses I’ve worked with approach things with a new confidence and reignited love for what they do.

And that is what I find to be the most satisfying part of all.

I’m always on the lookout for new creative projects- I have a little black book of photographers I can call on to work with or I can shoot when I am needed, so make sure you drop me a line if you are interested in finding out more!

x Hayley

I am so excited to share with you all that myself and my stylist friend Simone from Style.Life.Home are joining together with Domayne to offer some special styling workshops at the Sunshine Coast store!

These will be unique workshops designed to help you be your own DIY stylist at home and inspire and equip you to style your own space. The first set of workshops are going to show you how to style your lounge room and dinner party.


Photography: Wholehearted Studio
Styling: Style.Life.Home and Wholehearted Studio


There are only limited tickets and people have already started purchasing, so get in quick to make sure you don’t miss a spot!

Head over to the workshop tab to read more and book your seat to join us for a super creative day!

x Hayley

Flash back in time to about twenty years ago to when I was in primary school and I was attending a school fete.

It had this amazing second hand stall full of quirky little trinkets. At the time I was a Brownie, and my brother was a Scout [ yes, we were the mega cool kids- haha! ].

Luke was in need of new Scout socks and there in amongst all the treasures of this ginormous tent, was a pair of what looked to be an almost new pair of official Scout socks for 20c! Now this find made my school fair all the more awesome.

All be it dorky, I pranced on home and ecstatic with joy, I proudly showed my parents the pair of socks. And with true class my parents were as proud as punch.

Ever since then I have craved the joy of finding something special. Especially unique things, special bargains, or just top quality designer items that I have been coveting for a long time. And I love telling people how I found it!

IMG_0407[ image by shot at Black & Spiro ]

Fast forward to this year, where I have been racking my brains on having a special hashtag that I could use to share the things that I find with you all.

One night the other week, I was working on my website when I came across my second ever blog post [ originally it had been written for my old personal Blogspot, but when I started Wholehearted Studio I kept this post and brought it over to my new blog as I just loved it so much ].

It was called ‘Thing Finder‘ and was all about how I am a Thing Finder, and how I came up with the term after reading Pippi Longstocking. So there it was dated the fourth of November 2011. It became a category and I have been filing my Thing Finding posts in there ever since.

And that’s when it hit me. #thingfinder.  What a perfect hashtag!

I got to thinking though… what if we all started using this hashtag? What if we all shared our stories and amazing finds with each other sharing the joy?

So come on over to instagram and lets get this hashtag cracking! Start sharing stylish pieces, props, fashion, vintage, bargains, something you have saved a long time for… whatever you have searched for and found!

Just post the photo of the ‘Thing’ you found and tell us the story of how you did! Just share away and tell the stories of discovery and tag me in your pictures so I can see them. I know I will love to read them!

x Hayley

P.S. This photo was taken on a beautiful day spent with one of my friends and my little boy picking up props in Brisbane. This particular shot was taken in Black & Spiro in New Farm… a must to visit for awesome Thing Finding.

I am so excited to share with you some fabulous news!

I have teamed up with Paula Brennan Portrait photographer, a Sydney photographer who has just migrated to the Sunshine Coast, to offer an exclusive shoot opportunity for you this coming Valentine’s Day weekend!


Basically, I will be coming along to your shoot in Paula’s natural light studio in Mooloolaba with some designer chairs, flowers, the cutest balloons and some beautiful clothes where you will be able to book in for your LOVE STORY photo session with Paula and enjoy some Wholehearted touches!

Hair, make up, drinks, music and lots more will all be a part of your special shoot experience! And I will even phone you before the shoot and help you put together outfits to get you and you partner looking and feeling your best.

If you are a single do not feel put off! Come with your bestie or some friends and have some major fun as well. Come and love yourself to the max!

x Hayley


Recently I got this super exciting email from a photographer I have always admired. It was from Kath Scott, and she had the most exciting project for me to work on. I needed to style her studio with new pieces, work them in with some existing furniture and get it ready for her Ordinary Beautiful workshop. So off we went on this exciting journey together, creating a homely retreat for her clients, which found me road tripping out on the picturesque roads to country Esk, in Queensland, Australia.


[ images by + flowers by ]

Getting to know Kath and her family was the biggest blessing ever, as her workshop [ even though I couldn't attend it ], rubbed off on me and has had me inspired to take even more beautiful pictures of my little boy Archer. Kath has helped me on my way into motherhood and for that I will always be grateful.

Head to my portfolio page for more of Kath’s gorgeous pics of the studio styling.

x Hayley