I am so excited to share with you some fabulous news!

I have teamed up with Paula Brennan Portrait photographer, a Sydney photographer who has just migrated to the Sunshine Coast, to offer an exclusive shoot opportunity for you this coming Valentine’s Day weekend!


Basically, I will be coming along to your shoot in Paula’s natural light studio in Mooloolaba with some designer chairs, flowers, the cutest balloons and some beautiful clothes where you will be able to book in for your LOVE STORY photo session with Paula and enjoy some Wholehearted touches!

Hair, make up, drinks, music and lots more will all be a part of your special shoot experience! And I will even phone you before the shoot and help you put together outfits to get you and you partner looking and feeling your best.

If you are a single do not feel put off! Come with your bestie or some friends and have some major fun as well. Come and love yourself to the max!

Spaces are limited so head here, check out our behind the scenes video and sneak peek shots and get in early to book.

x Hayley


Recently I got this super exciting email from a photographer I have always admired. It was from Kath Scott, and she had the most exciting project for me to work on. I needed to style her studio with new pieces, work them in with some existing furniture and get it ready for her Ordinary Beautiful workshop. So off we went on this exciting journey together, creating a homely retreat for her clients, which found me road tripping out on the picturesque roads to country Esk, in Queensland, Australia.


[ images by www.kathscott.com.au + flowers by www.woodsandbloom.com ]

Getting to know Kath and her family was the biggest blessing ever, as her workshop [ even though I couldn't attend it ], rubbed off on me and has had me inspired to take even more beautiful pictures of my little boy Archer. Kath has helped me on my way into motherhood and for that I will always be grateful.

Head to my portfolio page for more of Kath’s gorgeous pics of the studio styling.

x Hayley

pricklypiwebsizeimages-47Every now and then you get to work on something out there! This shoot was one of them! Here is a little selection of some of my favourite touches to our Mexican Shoot collaboration that was worked on for The Bride’s Tree Magazine. Working on it will amazing people was all just an added bonus.

Styling: Wholehearted Studio
Photography: Willow & Sage
Location: Prickly Piñata
Flowers: Twig & Grace
Hair: Evalyn Parsons Hair
Makeup: Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist
Stationery: Ivy Invite
Cakes: Ideas In Icing
Dress: Judy Copely Bridal
Veil: Ivie White
Suits: Suits Direct
Special Thanks to Willow & Bird and Party Pony Pinatas

x Hayley

Wow, time flies doesn’t it these days? My life has become all the more full this last year with juggling my new title of ‘mum’, working on super exciting projects for new clients, doing some teaching contracts, moving house and making a new life for myself and my little boy.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that these days more than ever, we are all just chasing our tails and filling our life with ‘busyness’ and getting stuck on that dreaded rat race… so I took a bit of time out from blogging to just get used to motherhood and life in general.

But today I am getting back into the swing of things again! So I am excited to make some tweaks and change direction a little and give my blog the new name of ‘Journal’! I will just be keeping this as more of a little behind the scenes diary of what I have been up to or inspired by, but with more of a personal feel.


[ image by www.cassandraladru.com ]

Instead of blogging all of my work [ which these days has become a mammoth task to keep up with! ], a selection of my completed creative projects will now be found on my new Portfolio page that has been revamped by my awesome web designer Andrea.

For really up to date regular postings, head to instagram and follow me there so that you can see what I am up to in my Wholehearted adventures!

x Hayley




A little while ago, I had the serendipitous meeting of Carla from Willow & Sage Photography. She has a love for designer and pretty pieces and an even greater love for photography. This is one of our more recent shoots we did of a beautiful Caloundra store called White Pepper Homewares.

[ images by www.willownsage.com ]

For more info about commercial packages just email me at hello@wholeheartedstudio.com.au and I can get you booked in and organise a brainstorm over a cup of tea!

x Hayley