Satellite Island

Every now and then, if you are lucky, life affords you these once in a life time experiences. Those almost unbelievable ones where you find yourself overcome with gratitude that your life has somehow brought you to a destination you never thought was possible.

Whether it be seeing a life long dream come to fruition, the miracle of landing a dream job, the serendipity of meeting a soon to be loved one, or finally getting to that dream destination you have always wanted to go to, no better is the feeling of one of those events happening.

I have to collaborate with lots of different people with my work here at Wholehearted Studio, and it is by far one of my favourite parts of the job. I love that what we create with two or more talents put together is far greater than what I can achieve on my own. And the admiration I have for the people I get to work with is always growing.

And every now and then, I get the honour of upgrading them from work colleague to friend.

Years ago I met photographer Janneke Storm and soon after we started working together on shoots. Janneke and I became friends and we seamlessly drop in and out of friend and work mode really happily. Janneke is possibly my most adventurous friend I have, who at times has been known to jet set across the world twice in the one week. [JEALOUS!]

For a home body like me she is a good friend to have and has helped me develop a hunger for for travel and adventure. So when she invited myself and a small group of her family and friends to visit a remote Island in Tasmania for a special birthday, I was desperate to go, and somehow in amongst juggling work and my little boy, thanks to my family I managed to make it for two precious days.

After a plane trip, hire car, almost speeding fine and two seperate boat trips I had no way to prepare myself for the beauty and adventure that would await at Satellite Island. I wasn’t sure I would ever get to go back, so my phone was packed away and I tried to make the most of each day. Time stood still as I processed it all, drinking in the views, landscapes and all the styling of each room, enjoying all the little corners and vignettes that caused me to stop and pause.

It was so beautiful… words just don’t seem to do it justice. So here is hoping sharing some of these beautiful photos Janneke took will help you to pause for a little, slow down and drink in the beauty that is Satellite Island. And give you hope and inspiration for new travels of your own to come.