Queenslander Home Office Makeover

I spend a lot of my days working from home in my 1930’s Queenslander. It is something I dreamed of being able to do for a long time, and I love the flexibility of my work that I can break up the week with some days at home.

The position of my studio is perfect. It is at the front of the house where I can receive our Australia Post deliveries, and it has three walls of windows, with the most amazing natural light. And while I love natural light, it’s not always ideal when working on a computer. 

Pre the blinds I have been known to wear my sunnies at my computer much to the amusement of my neighbours.

Recently I set out to give my home studio [aka office] a makeover with the help of Blinds Online. My main priority was to choose an aesthetic solution for blocking out light while I was using the computer, that we could then easily raise during photo shoots to allow for more light when we needed it.

Stylist Hayley Jenkin stands in her studio room.

Enter the Grande Striped Linen Roman Blinds. Such a refined and beautiful Roman blind, the combination of pure linen fabric with the subtle striped pattern in tones of mushroom and oatmeal was the perfect solution for my studio room. I opted for the battery-operated function so that there were no blind cords cluttering up the windows on shoot days. Little did I realise though that the remote control function would be a game changer, and allow me to alter the natural light for Zoom meetings too all from the comfort of my desk.

Every single piece of new furniture that I bought for the room were pre-loved vintage pieces that I sourced from all over the Coast, including our round meeting table that has a built-in lazy Susan. The table, chair, and lots of objects were collected slowly over the last few months.

With all my furniture ready, the first thing I did was rip down the sheets I’d been using as makeshift curtains and then started prepping the room. I was going to do a colour but after talking to my interior designer bestie and photographer friends, we all decided it was best not to because of how it would impact shoots.

I sanded back where there was some water damage and repaired a lot of the cracks in the VJ. I repainted all the walls, floors and windows, and I recruited my handyman Howard to help install the blinds. They took roughly 3 hours all up to install, including the little battery motors that hide up the back of the blind.

I am so happy with it, it feels so unique and has made this room feel new again. The best part is that the room is now cohesive with the rest of the house, and function-wise I can put the blinds up and down from the comfort of my desk with the remote. But most of all, I don’t need to squint or wear sunnies at the computer anymore!